E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of AISI 316 Stainless Steel by Carbonitriding Process

  • Rohit Sai Krishna A,
  • Vamshi Krishna B,
  • Harshith D,
  • Sashank T,
  • Subbiah Ram

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 184
p. 01018


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This project investigates on salt bath nitriding process in order to improve the wear behavior of the material. This process increases the hardness of the material. The specimens were nitrided at 580°c on three different timing hours such as 60 minutes, 90 minutes & 120 minutes. A pin on disc machine is used to conduct wear test, so that wear loss can be determined. The specimens are to be magnified by metallographic test like scanning electron microscope. The untreated specimen is used to compare with the nitrided specimen. The best specimen is chosen which determines the life of material & improves the better wear resistance. The hardness of untreated material and nitrided material are compared. The material AISI stainless steel has many unique properties but it lacks wear resistance and hardness because of which it has limited applications. By conducting heat treatment operation, the hardness of the material does not improve, but by conducting case hardening process the hardness of the outer case will be high compared to base metal. If the hardness and wear resistance of the material improves the material can be used in wide range of applications.