Tropicultura (1983-01-01)

Bombacopsis glabra (Pasquale) A. Robyns (Bombacaceae) espèce utile pour l'élevage et pour l'alimentation humaine

  • Breyne, H.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 3
pp. 78 – 85


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Usefulness of Bombacopsis glabra (Pasquale) A. Robyns (Bombacaceae) for animal and human nutrition. After some botanical reflections, the author gives agronomical and practical facts about Bombacopsis glabra (Pasquale) A. Robyns. He insists especially how easy it is to multiply this species with cuttings. This characteristic is largely used in some countries of the third world to erect fences. Chemical analysis of the leaves has shown that this Bombacaceae can produce a good fodder. After analysis of the seeds, the author comes to conclusion that they are interesting for human food supply.