Results in Engineering (Jun 2024)

Single input multiple output maze shaped array antenna for millimeter wave applications

  • K.C. Raja rajeshwari,
  • K. Mohaideen Abdul Kadhar,
  • Nithya Kumar,
  • S. Tamilselvi,
  • Mohammad Zakir Bellary,
  • Vijayanandh Raja,
  • Abdulrajak Buradi,
  • B Vinoth Kumar,
  • Addisu Frinjo Emma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22
p. 102097


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In this work, maze shaped single input multiple output (SIMO) antenna array resonating at multiband is developed with a dimension 299 mm × 175 mm x 0.19 mm for THz and millimeter range applications at frequencies ranging from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. Initially 2-element array was designed with a return loss of −25dB and a gain of 4 dB which will be insufficient for long distance performance in mm wave communication. Hence, a 4-element array rectangular maze shaped single antenna was designed with improved return loss of −46dB and better gain of 8.1 dB which can support beyond 5G mm wave communication. The performance analysis for the designed antenna is verified with the various substrates such as Nylon, FR-4, and Rogers. The simulation results shows that the designed antenna provides better performance with Nylon substrate. The maximum return loss obtained is −46dB at 40 GHz while using Nylon substrate with efficiency of 97.5%.