The Advent of a New Sacred Oratory: The Preaching of Cornelio Musso (1511-1574)

Studii de Stiinta si Cultura. 2011;VII(3 (26)):55-66


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Journal Title: Studii de Stiinta si Cultura

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Utzima BENZI


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Our theme in this paper is sacred eloquence, such as that of the Franciscan preacher Cornelio Musso (1511-1574), a major figure of post-tridentine oratory art, practised it from his pulpit. After briefly describing the outline of the training, life and personality of the conventual friar, the article focuses on the political, religious and cultural background that explains the emergence, around 1530, of the new form of sacred oratory he introduced in Italy. Finally, some of the stylistic specifics of his homiletic prose are also discussed. Overall, the objective is to replace the Franciscan orator within the culture of his times and throw light on certain recurrent oratorical procedures in his asianic style.