Развитие образования (Jan 2019)

Application of mnemonics as a means of intensification of teaching professionally-oriented vocabulary of the English language to students of non-foreign language faculties (specialization «Ecology»)

  • Elena A. Kostareva

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (3)
pp. 75 – 78


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The author of given article deals with some issues on the professionally-oriented English vocabulary teaching to university students of non-foreign language faculties. The skill development of applying mnemonics by students is suggested as an intensive means of learning lexical units by students at the English language classes aimed at considerable expansion of their vocabulary at less time and efforts consumed. Phonetic associations, thematic cards and the "Snowball" can be the main means of implementing mnemotechnics in English classes for students of non-language faculties at the university. The results noted by the researcher indicate the feasibility of using mnemonics when working on vocabulary.