Education Research International (Jan 2021)

The Benefits of Cooperative Learning of Language in Different Subject Lessons as Seen by Primary School Pupils: The Case of One Lithuanian City School

  • Daiva Jakavonytė-Staškuvienė

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Vol. 2021


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Contemporary educational theory and practice promote the development of subject-specific and generic competences. Cooperative learning is a generic competence whose development is recommended in all subject lessons/activities. The development of fundamental individual values that rely not only on individual achievements but also on empathy and helping others, the ability to listen, mentor, and assist is integral to primary education. Such education is supported by positive inclusion in the process and good-willed communication within the group to achieve a common result. It is through achieving common goals and witnessing the variety of activity approaches that certain activities become a success. The study aimed to include all students in the development process on the basis of cooperative learning and improve each and every student’s individual learning of language performance in all subjects. The study is based on 186 first-to-fourth-year students from one major city school, representing a total of 8 classes. After the school-wide activities on cooperative learning, all pupils took part in a questionnaire survey halfway through the school year. The survey used a written questionnaire. The questions in the questionnaire were designed to explore pupils’ attitudes towards school and language-related aspects of successful group cooperation. The collected data were analysed using SPSS version 20. The data analysis used a descriptive approach, calculating the answers chosen by the pupils. An analysis of the survey results shows that the majority of pupils in years 1 to 4 think they can work in groups and cooperate because they are willing to listen to others, explain and help others, are not bored, are interested in working together, and are interested in learning new subjects.