Развитие образования (Apr 2019)

Phraseological units, containing food names, in Russian and Chinese linguistic cultures

  • Roman E. Telpov,
  • Lu Van

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (4)
pp. 49 – 51


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The article provides a comparative analysis of Proverbs containing the names of food and expressing the specific characteristics of Russian and Chinese linguocultures. As a source of material of Russian proverbs and sayings containing the names of food, the dictionary «Proverbs and sayings of the Russian people» by V. I. Dahl is used. The analysis of proverbs and sayings of the Russian language, contained in the dictionary of V. I. Dahl, as well as their comparison with Chinese proverbs and sayings allows us to add new details to the gastronomic picture of the world that has developed in the two folks and have been consolidated in the language.