Romanian Economic Journal (Mar 2024)

What Links Retail to Modernity? The Future of Retail - Romanian Case Study A combined Analysis of Consumer Perceptions and AI Insights

  • Andreea Strătilă (Irimia)

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XXVII, no. 87
pp. 81 – 99


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This study examines the link between retail and modernity and bring as case study the Romanian perception of the future of the store. The research combines insights from secondary data consumer perception study with the potential applications of AI research. We explore convergences and divergences between AI-generated perspectives and actual consumer beliefs and expectations, focusing on technology integration, sustainability, and experiential retail. While both AI and the the consumer perception study highlight the importance of technology, the research reveals specific consumer concerns like affordability and cultural nuances that AI might not fully capture. The combined analysis offers valuable insights into Romanian consumer preferences and identifies potential future trends in the retail landscape. By acknowledging limitations like the scope of AI analysis and data source restrictions, we emphasize the need for further research integrating AI with diverse research methods for a comprehensive understanding of the future of retail in Romania.