BizInfo (Jul 2022)

influence of the names of the dishes in the menu on the choice in Serbian restaurants

  • Dragan Vukolić,
  • Tamara Gajić,
  • Anđelka Popović

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 25 – 32


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The names of dishes with a certain value, such as national, authentic, sentimental and others, are more attractive to guests and belong to the best-selling products of restaurant facilities. Dishes in menus that have the names of organic food have a positive impact on the choice of food offered in restaurants. Among other things, the paper analyzes the effects of dish names from a marketing aspect. The goal of this research was to determine whether the names of gastronomic products affect the selection and sale in restaurants, but also why and to what extent the name of the dish can affect the respondents' interest in a particular dish. Similar research was done in the past where different results were obtained, while this research was conducted in 2021 on a total sample of 462 respondents from the category of guests of catering facilities in the Republic of Serbia. After the analysis of the obtained data, results were acquired which show that descriptive names of dishes in menus can be a successful type of marketing in the business of restaurant facilities. The topic is of great importance for managers who need to know the psychology of the guest in order to promote, market and sell a gastronomic product or food to potential guests.