Verbum et Ecclesia (Dec 2012)

Virtue and responsibility: Economic-ethical perspectives in the work of Etienne de Villiers

  • Piet J. Naude

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 33, no. 2


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This article was developed in six statements and attempted to reconstruct the basis for the�socio-economic ethics of Etienne de Villiers, as well as its ecclesio-centric nature and theoretical�formulation in virtue and responsibility ethics. There was reference to De Villiers�s shift from�an exclusive to an inclusive ethical view as a response to his interpretation of modernity and�secularism. Critical questions were raised as to the actual theological character of his ethics�and his re- interpretation of Weberian responsibility ethics. The article concluded with an�appreciative view on the applied ethics perspectives developed by De Villiers over the last�three decades.