E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2019)

Study on the Influence of Slope on Pollutant Diffusion Characteristics during Tunnel Construction Period

  • Ai Zubin,
  • Song Zhongqiang,
  • Chen Fan,
  • Yang Song,
  • Cao Zhensheng,
  • Liu Rong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 118
p. 04005


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. The relative elevation of the beginning and end of the Jianyuan Expressway exceed 1000m. In order to overcome the impact of the large slope on traffic safety, a spiral tunnel was designed in the middle of the expressway. The tunnel length is 3970m and the radius is 710~730m with its slope being up to 2.08%. The occurrence of large slope has a great impact on ventilation and smoke during tunnel construction, but little research has been done before. In this paper, numerical simulation and field test were used to study the effect of slope on the diffusion characteristics of pollutants. It was found that as the slope increased, the wind speed and CO dilution rate also increased. However, the dust dilution characteristics were different. Especially in the case of the downward tunnel, the effect of wind speed on the sedimentation rate of dust was minimal. Simply increasing the wind speed cannot speed up the dust reduction rate.