Muṭāli̒āt-i Mudīriyyat-i Ṣan̒atī (Jan 2012)

The integrated model of Fuzzy QFD, Fuzzy AHP fuzzy weighted averaged technique for building agile of manufacture

  • Seddigheh Khorshid

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 23
pp. 97 – 129


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The manufacturing organizations of information and communication era are facing numerous challenges, including the challenges of demanding customers seeking high quality, low cost products, responsive to their specific and rapidly changing needs. They are seeking manufacturing new models and systems in order to overcome them. Manufacturing agility paradigm has been offered manufacturing organizations' managers as a solution for coping these challenges. In this article, I offer a fuzzy model to build agile of manufacture. This model will be helped manufacturing organizations' managers: a. to find organizations' competitive priorities. b. To know their own organization's manufacturing agility capabilities. c. To know their own organization's manufacturing agility enablers. d. To focus and capitalize on the most important of their own organization's manufacturing agility enablers in order to improve their own organization's manufacturing agility capabilities, and as a result, to achieve their own organization's competitive priorities. The results of implementing model in the firms of Khozestan Steel Industry indicate, that each firm can select and implement the set of agility enablers with focusing on its competitive priorities through developing and improving the set of agility capabilities.