Materiales de Construccion (Mar 2012)

Acoustic properties of reed panels

  • César Díaz,
  • Montaña Jiménez,
  • María A. Navacerrada,
  • Antonio Pedrero

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 62, no. 305
pp. 55 – 66


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Reed is a plant species very similar to common cane which is widespread all over the Earth. It is an ecological and sustainable material which is low-cost, aesthetically attractive, easy to obtain and install, and can be used in different construction systems. This work analyses the acoustic properties of reed panels from the point of view of sound absorption and sound insulation against airborne noise, according to the corresponding EN ISO standards. The experimental results obtained point to the conclusion that reed panels are suitable construction systems for controlling reverberant sound within a space, and that the sound reduction index values for different thicknesses of reed panels, or reed panels used in combination with wood particle boards, demonstrate the possibility of using them in construction as an element on the facades and roofs of buildings and for interior partitions.