Advances in Horticultural Science (May 2013)

Radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations in grape Phylloxera

  • H. Makee,
  • N. Tafesh,
  • I. Idris

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1


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Chromosomal aberrations in phylloxera females induced by different doses of gamma irradiation were detected. The results showed that the chromosomes of all tested embryos of irradiated phylloxera had aberrations, regardless of dose. When phylloxera nymphs were irradiated, the chromosomal number on the metaphase plate of some embryos’ cells was increased. The result indicated that the chromosomal aberrations influenced the mortality, longevity and reproduction of phylloxera. Eight autosomal chromosomes were identified according to their length. Additionally, the karyotype of irradiated and unirradiated populations of local phylloxera strain was defined.