Gender and Ethnicity as Barriers for Development: Indigenous Women, Access to Resources in Ecuador with a Latin American Perspective

Eutopia: Revista de Desarrollo Economico Territorial. 2014;0(5):11-34 DOI 10.17141/eutopia.5.2014.1486


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Journal Title: Eutopia: Revista de Desarrollo Economico Territorial

ISSN: 1390-5708 (Print)

Publisher: Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Sede Ecuador

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Sociology (General)

Country of publisher: Ecuador

Language of fulltext: Spanish

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Sarah Radcliffe (Profesora en Geografía Latinoamericana. Phd. Universidad de Liverpool.)


Double blind peer review

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<p>Placing original research undertaken in Ecuador with Kichwa and Tsáchila women, into the Latin American context, the paper addresses the barriers experienced by indigenous women to voice, rights and resources in the context of development programmes. The paper identifies racism, biased knowledges, and entrenched assumptions about women and indigenous people as the primary factors influencing indigenous women’s marginalization. The paper ends with a discussion of indigenous women’s critiques of development, and their recommendations for the future.</p>