Journal of Modern Science (Feb 2020)

Afghanistan Ordinary state, failed state, or something else?

  • Joanna Modrzejewska-Leśniewska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 43, no. 4
pp. 101 – 117


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Objectives Analysys of Afghan state as interesting and unique case of the failed state, with has strong historical roots. It is also very important question of Euro-Atlantic approach to internal problems of Afghanistan and understanding that this state belonging to other - Islamic - traditions. Material and methods The main sources uses to analyse the problems of Afghan state are historical sources, like documents from National Archive (London) and books fom 19th century, current books, press materials (especially from Afghanistan) and reports from renowned international organizations. Results n broad terms, the article will contribute to the understending the specifical situation of institutions, government and president in Afghanistan. Conclusions The closing conclusions is that the Euro-Atlantic approach to Afghan state and its problems is wrong and it is an obstacle to understanding challenges and finally may even be harmful. This attitude is very dangerous if we take in to account the Taliban and ISIS activities in the region.