Epidemiologic Study of Tuberculosis in Galikesh city during 2006-2011

Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology. 2015;9(1):61-65


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Journal Title: Iranian Journal of Medical Microbiology

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Hashem Heshmati ( Torbat Heydarieh University of medical Science )
Kazem Ravanbakhsh ( )
Samane Khajavi ( )
Nasser Behnampour ( Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health, Golestan University of Medical Sciences( GOUMS), Gorgan, Iran )


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Background and Aim: Tuberculosis (TB) is acute or chronic necrotic infectious disease that can affect many different body organs. The study was done with the aim of epidemiologic survey of TB in Galikesh city during 2006-2011. Materials and Methods: This is a cross-sectional, 178 cases of TB patients. was registered cases of TB in Galikesh city during 2006-2011. Data was collected by using reliable and valid check list. Data was analyzed by using SPSS18 software and descriptive statistic. Results & Conclusion: Mean age of TB cases was 45.87±20.85. 74.7% of the cases had pulmonary TB. 55.1% of cases were women. 69.7% of cases lived in rural area. 63.5% of the case were married. 27% of the cases had a history of TB in first degree relative and 7.9% of the cases had a history of jail. Most common type of pulmonary TB was positive smear pulmonary TB. Most common type of extra pulmonary TB was lymph node TB (33.33%). Majority of cases had positive smear pulmonary TB, so we recommended that screening and training interventions in high-risk groups and patients with lymphatic.