Tecnología Química (2016-07-01)

Rheology of Potato flour Mixes and Wheat to Make Bread

  • Ely Fernando Sacón-Vera,
  • Ingrid Ibeth Bernal-Bailón,
  • Alex Alberto Dueñas-Rivadeneira,
  • Gloria Annabell Cobeña-Ruíz,
  • Nancy López-Bello

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 36, no. 3
pp. 457 – 467


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Evaluate the rheological properties of flour mixes Ipomoea batata and Triticum vulgare for the preparation of bread dough, was the goal of this research for it a completely randomized design, as treatments sweet potato flour was used varieties are used: Toquecita, Guayaco Purple, Purple Ecuador, Brazil and Ina Purple in a 30/70 ratio (sweet potato flour / wheat flour respectively). The rheological variables: water absorption, development time, weakening of the dough stability, water absorption index (C1), mixing rate (C2), gluten strength index (C3), gel viscosity (C4), resistance index amylase (C5) and starch retro gradation index (C6) were evaluated with Mixolab equipment. The results showed that the variety Purple Brazil showed better characteristics of flours recommended premixes for the baking process in response to these indices