Проблеми сучасної психології (Mar 2018)

Psychological measurements of dialogization in the modern educational system

  • N. M. Tokareva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40
pp. 373 – 384


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The article is dedicated to the analysis of issue of dialogization of subject-subject relationship as a necessary condition for humanization of the modern educational system. There has been provided a scientific line of reasoning of polymodality during the studying of phenomenological area of dialogue that is presented through integration of language (psycholinguistic) context, individual and typological peculiarities of the subjects of communication, determined with a specific of pedagogical interaction between ethical and moral norms and principles of linguistic behaviour. There are presented the results of empirical measurement of the communication tendencies of adolescents, who have been studying in the educational institutions of different types (general secondary schools and gymnasiums). It is stated that orientation of pupils during the adolescent period within the coordinates «I–Other» predominantly has a monological nature. There has been statistically confirmed that differences in discovery of personality orientation in the process of communication between adolescents, who have been studying in the educational institutions of different types are statistically not significant, these features in the compared groups havedifferences only in terms of quantity. The remarkable thing is that the results of empirical investigation certify about the absence of object-oriented influence in the educational institutions regarding the development of dialogical culture of pupils and dialogical model of professional interaction in the model «Pupil–Teacher» without violation of professionally-communicative balance. It is proved that dialogization of educational system creates the conditions to re-analyze integral «I» of the subjects of teaching and educational process as inter-discursive activity. It is stated that the introduction of dialogue system in the education is a crucial factor for development of personal potential of each participant during the teaching and educational process.