Antarctic Record (Mar 2014)

Report on 1st and 2nd Joint Workshops on Australian and Japanese Collaboration in Antarctic Science and related achievements

  • So Kawaguchi,
  • Yoichi Motoyoshi,
  • Kentaro Watanabe,
  • Tsuneo Odate,
  • Mitsuo Fukuchi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 58, no. 1
pp. 71 – 88


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The 1st and 2nd Australia─Japan Joint Workshops on Antarctic Science(Sep. 9?11, 2009 and Dec. 1, 2012, respectively) were held at the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), Tokyo, Japan, after the importance of Australian and Japanese collaboration in Antarctic research was re-affirmed by the Prime Ministers of both countries in a June 2008 joint communique. The purposes of these workshops were to propose a plan to maximize the two countries' Antarctic research efforts and to produce agreed reports to form the basis of the development of future project proposals from each country.