“Aquarium in the Sea”: Awareness Evaluation of Authors the New York Group of Poets

Intercultural Communication. 2019;6(1):9-19 DOI 10.13166/inco/105236


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Journal Title: Intercultural Communication

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Iryna Ivanova (Kharkiv State Academy of Culture (Ukraine, Kharkiv))


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Introduction The article deals with meaning, scope and structure of the occasional adverbs, describes two groups of occasionalisms used in contemporary modernist poetry by the New York Group of poets. The research has been conducted on the basis of occasional adverbs consideration. The adverbs have been considered as the ones created within the framework of modern poetic text aesthetics. Purpose Purpose is examination and analysis of the content, reasons for using specific verbal components, occasional adverbs, that represent certain stylistic nominees, experiments with the word, influence the language creation, function as significant elements of relevance to the poetic text modern aesthetics. Material and methods Methods cоmbine general scientific apprоaches that are inductive and dеductive as wеll as the methоd of interdisciplinary study. Results Ukrainian language involves a lot of linguistic innovations, among which prominent place is occupied by occasional adverbs. New poetic forms allow presenting a poetic image originally, emotionally, precisely, assisting to create necessary stylistic effects. For this purpose the word-building potential of the language is involved, semantic and stylistic accents are changed. Experiments with the word make the poetry of the New York Group of Poets authors a peculiar and notable phenomenon not only in the Ukrainian but also in all cultural world.