INFAD (2020-06-01)

Preliminary study of the usefulness of a virtual reality programme against stigma in mental health

  • Adolfo J. Cangas,
  • Blanca Galván

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 45 – 52


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This study shows the results of the application of a new virtual reality program, designed to raise awareness of stigma towards people with mental health problems. Specifically, the software, called Inclúyete VR, shows first a person who is suffering from hallucinations (graphically represented by “monsters”) and, later, different psychosocial rehabilitation programs that are used for the social inclusion of people with severe mental disorder. A sample of 12 psychologists who were currently taking the Master of General Health Psychology use Inclúyete VR. The results obtained showed that stigma was reduced in a statistically significant way in these professionals. Likewise, they valued with more than 8 points (on a scale of 1-10) the interest and usefulness of the program. The importance of these results and future lines of research are discussed.