Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2017)

Industriada - święto szlaku zabytków techniki województwa śląskiego jako przykład dziedzictwa przemysłowego

  • Kamila Ziółkowska-Weiss

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 39


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A world-wide trend in tourism has been noticed during the recent years. The number of group trips as well as individual tourists who are interested in all the technological relicts is constantly increasing. The tourists interested in industrial heritage are most frequently ones coming from Western Europe, especially from Germany, England and Belgium, or from the Scandinavian countries. The social groups most interested in this type of tourism include: school-age youth (affiliated with various education societies), students (especially history students, also art history and technical courses), scientists, tourists from the business field, ones interested in investing in industrial areas. In the article an author will present an introduction to the issue of cultural tourism in the post-industrial objects. Apart from the definition of industrial heritage, the definition of the phenomenon of cultural tourism in the post-industrial objects will also be provided. The main objective of the article is to present the data of the survey that was conducted among 367 people during Industriada 2016. From the collected data it is clear that the people participating in this event are more and more interested in the attractions during this celebration year by year and the major motive of participation in this festival is the possibility to get to know the technology monuments and visit the museums as well as an interesting programme of events in the objects and pleasant moments of spending time with the family.