Verbum et Ecclesia (Oct 2004)

�Toward a Full Fledged Action Theory from a Perspective of Musical Transcendence�

  • Lisa Maguire Hess

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 2
pp. 519 – 533


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Practical theology as a discipline has struggled� historically in the gaps between theory and practice, academy and church. A recognized scholar� recently� urged pursuit of �a full-fledged action theory� with a �perspective of transcendence� to move the discussion forward. Additionally, global conditions are such that we need practical reflection and action that reconciles communities and cultures. Accordingly, a neo-Parsonian action theory is sketched and music as a practical bridge between theory/practice is argued. Music offers a lens into the empirical faith life of� a� religious community even as� it transcends and pulls that community into new ways of critically� experiencing God� in an intimate and possibly intercultural relationship of embodied song.�