Algae-derived marine oligosaccharides and their biological applications

Frontiers in Marine Science. 2016;3 DOI 10.3389/fmars.2016.00083


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Journal Title: Frontiers in Marine Science

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Pannaga Pavan Jutur (International Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering)
Asha Arumugam Nesamma (International Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering)
Kashif Mohd Shaikh (International Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering)


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The biological relevance of algae-derived marine oligosaccharides has potential significance in numerous applications of industrial biotechnology. Marine oligosaccharides are produced in algae naturally and/or by hydrolysis of derived polysaccharides. The potential of marine oligosaccharides is still unexplored, and these molecules, including their derivatives, are a versatile source of chemical diversity. In-depth knowledge on such molecules will provide novel insights, thus depicting their role in discovering mechanisms and the molecular functions within specific biological applications.