Studia Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskie (Jan 2019)

Postawy „być” i „mieć” a postrzeganie małżeństwa i rodziny przez narzeczonych

  • Borys Jacek Soiński,
  • Barbara Turzyńska-Sarnowska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26


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Many authors dealing with the existential situation of a man have referred to the attitudes ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ (i.e. G. Marcel, E. Mounier, John Paul II, E. Fromm). Bronisław Grulkowski (1995, 2000, 2007) built an original psychological Scale of To Be and To Have Attitudes (SPBiM). The research described was done among the fiancées preparing for the sacrament of marriage and the couples who cohabit. With the use of the SPBiM scale, groups of people with extreme attitudes towards ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ were distinguished. The analysis comprised the differences of attitudes and opinions on engagement period, marriage, family, problems and crises which may concern contemporary couples and families. The conclusions confirm the earlier hypotheses that the examined with ‘to be’ attitudes have a more positive picture of God and more mature religiousness. They appreciate the meaning of love for the spouse more and they accept the Catholic teaching on marriage and family to a greater extent.