Communications Biology (Apr 2021)

Chd8 regulates X chromosome inactivation in mouse through fine-tuning control of Xist expression

  • Andrea Cerase,
  • Alexander N. Young,
  • Nerea Blanes Ruiz,
  • Andreas Buness,
  • Gabrielle M. Sant,
  • Mirjam Arnold,
  • Monica Di Giacomo,
  • Michela Ascolani,
  • Manish Kumar,
  • Andreas Hierholzer,
  • Giuseppe Trigiante,
  • Sarah J. Marzi,
  • Philip Avner

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 1 – 13


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Andrea Cerase et al. report that the chromatin remodeler Chd8 is a key regulator of mammalian Xist expression and therefore X chromosome inactivation. They find that Chd8 activates Xist expression in embryonic stem cells, while in differentiating cells it acts to prevent spurious Xist expression through blocking transcription factor binding to the Xist promoter.