Regional heterogeneity of mesenchyme in prostate morphogenesis for example the fetal development of human and rat

Морфологія. 2009;3(3):126-130


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Journal Title: Морфологія

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Trotcenko B.
Lugin I. A.


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The studies used the prostatic specimens of the humans and rats fetuses for examination the regional differentiation of mesenchyme during prostatic organogenesis. Fixed, that morphogenesis of vascular endothelium of microcirculatory bed in prostate gland during prenatal development have been illustrated by the general laws of morphological transformations in mesenchymic derivatives which is result of interaction between epithelial, stromal and vascular components during formation of functional prostatic units in ontogenesis The maine law is the mechanism of formation of haemocapillaries by as result of aggregation the clusters of cells in mesenchyme with formation of intercellular channels which is lined flattened primary endothelial cells with continues differentiation of the future vessels during development of prostate gland. The vascu-logenesis in prostate gland is unequal and аsinchronic process wich is depended from regional organization of the prostate gland that is evidenced to stromal hypothesis, in which localized areas of stroma perform different functions in regulating epithelia.