<em>Don Quixote’s</em> Claudia Jerónima: from <em>virgo bellatrix</em> to Catalan <em>nyerra</em>

Anales Cervantinos. 2019;51(0):85-98 DOI 10.3989/anacervantinos.2019.004


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Journal Title: Anales Cervantinos

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Conxita Domènech (University of Wyoming)


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The interpolated story of Claudia Jerónima possesses all the ingredients of a book of chivalry. Miguel de Cervantes employed the resources used by Feliciano de Silva in the Amadís de Grecia: the love triangle, jealousy, transvestism, death, and the retreat to a monastery. Cervantes’ task will be to transform a virgo bellatrix —or a female warrior— from a book of chivalry into a Catalan nyerra. The result of the mixture: Claudia Jerónima.