The Statutes of Audiovisual Images: The Perception of Truth between “Fiction” and “Reality”

Proceedings. 2017;1(9):914 DOI 10.3390/proceedings1090914


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Federico O. Oppedisano (School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino, 62032 Camerino, Italy)


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In the context of the media, in which industrial means of communication (cinema, TV, telephony, informatics) converge and integrate various visual languages and stimulate the interconnection of different communicational models, audiovisual technical factors that seem marginal are actually capable of conditioning the perception and sense of the image. In particular, those that characterize it as artificial are combined to heighten the quality of the image, just as those that denote it as authentic and real contain the imperfections of an “amateur” image. In this framework, the article aims to investigate how these technical formats, in various communicational devices, perceptual qualities, paradigms, and forms of visual design, are transformed to guide the perception of fiction and reality.