Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (2018-06-01)

Infrastruktura turystyczno-rekreacyjna narciarstwa w Polsce. wybrane aspekty


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Vol. 42


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The intensification of the current transformations in the various spheres of economic, cultural, social and technological activity causes significant changes in the manner and nature of free time. One of the most popular ways of spending free time and the direction of its expansion is the increasing number of various forms of sports activities, with particular emphasis on free space. The confirmation of the growing importance of tourism for society is all the recently published prognostic reports, in which it is expected that at least in the next few years tourism will be one of the largest branches of the national economy. Progressive popularization and gro¬wing public awareness of the importance of active leisure activities have increased the interest in winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding are now becoming more and more preferred forms of spending free time in winter by Polish tourists. In response to the observed demand, more and more ski resorts are becoming increasingly popular. The aim of this study is to identify, analyze and evaluate the development of the Małopolskie voivodship in the accessibility of tourist and recreational infrastructure for skiing. The spatial scope of the research oscillates around the area of the Zawoja municipality. For the cognitive purposes of the study, the authors carried out the treatment of the municipality area as a research unit.