E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Metodological aspects in the studying of soil particle size distribution under contamination and after reclamation

  • Zamulina Inna,
  • Burachevskaya Marina,
  • Mandzhieva Saglara,
  • Bauer Tatiana,
  • Barakhov Anatolii,
  • Mazarji Mahmoud

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 169
p. 01025


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In this study, a model experiment was performed under artificial copper contamination of Haplic Chernozem soil. Following the introduction of granular activated carbon (GAC) and biocharin contaminated soil, data on the particle size distribution were obtained. The particle size distribution of Haplic Chernozem was determined by two different methods namely pipette method (PM) and laser diffraction method (LDM). For the LDM, changes in the composition of fractions of more than 0.01 mm were more obvious, while for PM, the main differences were of characteristic for the content of fine fractions less than 0.01 mm.