Journal of Business and Social Review in Emerging Economies (2016-12-01)

Resistance to Change of Academics towards Accreditation

  • Kadzrina Abdul Kadir,
  • Darwina Ahmad Arshad,
  • Johanim Johari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2
pp. 127 – 134


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When universities makes the decision to go for accreditation to improve performance standards, there has been an impact on academics who are involved in the process. The literature suggests that for accreditation such as business programs such as AACSB, both positive and negative impact could occur for academics. This paper gives an overview on three areas of literature that is pertinent to this topic: resistance to change, accreditation impact on the university, and accreditation impact on business academics with balanced scorecard to measure accreditation impact.