Развитие образования (Jun 2020)

Holding Online Student Conferences: Typical Mistakes

  • Irina V. Kochkareva

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (8)
pp. 74 – 78


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The article is focused on the analysis of typical mistakes and errors which are made by Russian students while creating PowerPoint presentations and delivering them at online international conferences. The relevance of the topic is connected with the necessity to face a new challenge of transforming the educational process into the new format – the format of distance learning. The author of the article outlies that this transformation should be carried out very carefully. Digitalization of education system should not result in painful destruction of traditional approaches to teaching and learning. It is noted that it is necessary to continue using those forms of educational process which are familiar both for teachers and students. One of such forms is an online student conference. The aim of the research was to analyze different types of mistakes and errors made by Russian students as well as their main causes. The author deals with examples collected while listening to presentations at the international online conferences which were held at the faculties of biology at Perm State University and the university of Delta, USA. The methods used in the research include analysis, description, observation, comparison. The results of the research demonstrated that one of the most common causes of mistakes is language interference. It is concluded that the analysis of typical mistakes and errors helps the teacher to make the right choice of materials for drilling in class, which, in turn, is crucial for language competence development that makes effective professional communication possible.