P15-08. Did unblinding affect HIV risk behaviour and risk perception in the HVTN503/Phambili study?

Retrovirology. 2009;6(Suppl 3):P209 DOI 10.1186/1742-4690-6-S3-P209


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Journal Title: Retrovirology

ISSN: 1742-4690 (Online)

Publisher: BMC

LCC Subject Category: Medicine: Internal medicine: Specialties of internal medicine: Immunologic diseases. Allergy

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Moodie Z
Metch B
Bennie T
Latka M
Mathebula M
Roux S
de Bruyn G
Mlisana K
Nchabeleng M
Churchyard G
Bekker L
Gray GE
Allen M
Eaton N
Kublin J


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