EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Surface and thickness measurement in the Targetlab of GSI

  • Kindler Birgit,
  • Celik Ayik Elif,
  • Hübner Annett,
  • Lommel Bettina,
  • Steiner Jutta,
  • Yakusheva Vera

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 229
p. 02002


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For characterization of targets and foils prepared at the target laboratory as well as for characterization of e.g. degrader or windows of internal customers, different analytical devices are available. Besides a lot of standard equipment, the target laboratory of GSI holds a 3D-measurement system (MicroProf®) equipped with optical sensors for measuring surface parameters as well as total thickness variations contact-free. In the paper the measuring principle including the possibilities and features of the MicroProf®-system are explained and some different applications are shown.