Island Studies Journal (Nov 2017)

Yujiale fishing tourism and island development in Changshan Archipelago, Changdao, China

  • Ming Ming Su,
  • Geoffrey Wall,
  • Sangui Wang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 2
pp. 127 – 142


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Tourism has long been one of the driving forces of island development, but may impose serious impacts on their physical and social composition and on island communities. Yujiale has been developed recently on many islands of China. It is a form of tourism through which households earn money by sharing fishing culture and products in the distinctive natural and cultural context of islands. This research assesses the provision of Yujiale services and products by fishing families of Digou village, Changdao Island, Changshan Archipelago, Shandong Province, China. It also assesses the community’s perceptions and attitudes toward Yujiale tourism. On-site interviews and off-site analysis of online data reveal positive attitudes toward Yujiale tourism and the reinforcement of island identity among Yujiale operators. Despite offering similar services and products without much collaboration, diversification of Yujiale operations is emerging based on the varied assets of the fishing families and their engagement in fishing. However, at present, those with limited resources and capabilities are unable to take advantage of potential economic benefits. Suggestions are made to facilitate the provision of equitable opportunities to participate in and gain benefits from Yujiale tourism, so as to enhance island sustainability.