Verbum et Ecclesia (Apr 1996)

Politieke mag, die Ou Testament en kerkeenheid

  • J.H. le Roux

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 2
pp. 359 – 372


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Political power, the Old Testament and church unity The� family� of Dutch� Reformed� Churches� in� South� Africa� are� involved� in tense� discussions� on� church� unity.� One� aspect� which� must� be� discussed thoroughly� is� the� legitimation� of� political� "power.� Not� only� in� the past but also� the present Mandela government� is� religiously supported.� It� is argued that� this a dangerous� venture.� Some� examples from� the Old Testament are used to� illustrate� this point.� It� is� stated that Israel became disillusioned� in political power and therefore reformulated royal theology.