Extension of algebraic hyperstructures theory to the elementary particle physics and nuclear physics

Iranian Journal of Physics Research. 2012;11(4):429-434


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Journal Title: Iranian Journal of Physics Research

ISSN: 1682-6957 (Print); 2345-3664 (Online)

Publisher: Isfahan University of Technology

Society/Institution: Physics Society of Iran

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Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

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M Eslami Kalantari
SM Moosavi Nejad
A Dehghan Nezhad


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Algebraic hyperstructures theory is a natural extension of the classical‎ ‎algebraic structures‎. Because of importance and new viewpoints in this theory, we try to apply this theory to the elementary particle physics and nuclear physics presenting the definitions and the concepts of the algebraic hyperstructures. In this work we intend to use this new branch of mathematics to describe the interaction between leptons in the elementary particle physics and the fusion processes in the nuclear physics.