Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski (Jan 2016)

Polska migracja do Szkocji po akcesji do Unii Europejskiej

  • Tomasz Czapiewski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 38


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The article contains an analysis of the process of the Polish migration to Scotland after 2004 based on quantitative and qualitative methods. Migration is described in two basic dimensions: by defining the size of the flows, i.e. the inflow and outflow of migrants, and the number of foreigners in the country in a given time. In qualitative methods the key elements are motives, migration strategy, activities migrants engage in and mechanisms of integration with the local community. Such analyses carried out in the present article have been supplemented with an introductory description of possible British sources of information. A historical background of the Polish migration to Scotland has also been taken into consideration in the article, and so has the overall British context, which was indispensable in this case, as Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.