Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (Apr 2013)

A FEM Study for Non-Newtonian Behaviour of Blood in Plaque Deposited Capillaries: Analysis of Blood Flow Structure

  • Muhammad Anwer Solangi,
  • Rahim Bux Khokhar,
  • Ahsanullah Baloch

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32, no. 2
pp. 277 – 282


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Inelastic behaviour of blood is predicted by employing Power law and Carreau model along partially blocked capillaries. Numerical results for stream function have been computed for predicting the reattachment length and intensity in the capillaries at various levels of obstacle and inertia. The predicted results obtained by employing FEM (Finite Element Method) under semi-implicit Taylor-Galerkin/ pressure-correction scheme. The numerical results have been quantified in terms of reattachment length and intensity, which illustrates that their formation takes place in the downstream of a capillary segment and augment in length as increases inertia or obstacle level. The obtained results are match able with analytical results. This study is accommodating for developing devices related to heart diseases in future