Statistika: Statistics and Economy Journal (Sep 2015)

A Regional Analysis of Romanian Migration Determinants

  • Elena-Maria Prada,
  • Costin-Alexandru Ciupureanu,
  • Adrian Oţoiu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 95, no. 3
pp. 39 – 47


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This paper analyses the determinants of Romanian emigration considering two perspectives: first, the perspective of business environment and labour market and, second, the perspective of social and economic conditions. The analysis uses data from National Statistical Institute and Romanian Register of Commerce for all 42 counties of Romania for the year 2011 and consists of three linear regression models whose dependent variable was the total number of Romanian emigrants declared at 2011 Romanian Census. Results have shown that international migration is strongly correlated with national labour policy. The fact that newly created enterprises have a positive influence on migration show that Romanian business environment is not able to offer competitive salaries and/or working conditions.