Journal of Vibroengineering (2017-09-01)

Rubbing dynamics behavior of a flywheel shafting with a single point flexible support

  • Changliang Tang,
  • Dongjiang Han,
  • Jinfu Yang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19, no. 6
pp. 4138 – 4154


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The flywheel energy storage system is a new kind conversion device which realizes electric energy and kinetic energy transform into each other. The dynamic characteristics of flywheel energy storage system have been studied extensively in recent years. A single point flexible support is suitable for the small flywheel system, because the friction loss is very low. The flywheel spin test system with a single point flexible support was built. The dynamic model of the flywheel shafting was established to calculate the critical speeds, modal shape and modal damping ratio at different speeds. The results show that the dynamic characteristics of the flywheel shaft are stable, and its structure is simple and efficient. The comparison between the calculated unbalance response and the experimental response indicates that the dynamic model is appropriate. When the flywheel started up and rotated at different speeds, the rubbing dynamics behavior was obtained by the experiment. Full rubbing occurred at high speed would damage the flywheel and stop, which should be tried to avoid.