A Glimpse of Silybum marianum from the Perspective of Iranian Traditional Medicine and Modern Studies

Majallah-i Dānishgāh-i ̒Ulūm-i Pizishkī-i Qum. 2019;13(1):78-86


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Journal Title: Majallah-i Dānishgāh-i ̒Ulūm-i Pizishkī-i Qum

ISSN: 1735-7799 (Print); 2008-1375 (Online)

Publisher: Qom University of Medical Sciences

LCC Subject Category: Medicine: Medicine (General)

Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Language of fulltext: Persian

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Fatemeh Tooiserkani ( Department of Iranian Traditional Medicine, School of Iranian Traditional Medicine, Qom University of Medical Sciences )
Ahmad Hormati ( Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Research Center for Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases, School of Medicine, Qom University of Medical Sciences )
Hosein Moradi ( Department of Iranian Traditional Medicine, School of Iranian Traditional Medicine, Qom University of Medical Sciences )
Fatemeh Ali asl ( Department of Iranian Traditional Pharmacy, School of Traditional Medicine, Qom University of Medical Sciences )


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Background and Objectives: Nowadays, Silybum Marianum (Milk thistle) is used for prevention and treatment of disorders, such as liver failure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, and infectious, hematologic, and skin diseases. The aim of this review study was to investigate the view of Iranian traditional medicine on this plant and its comparative analysis with new studies.   Methods: In this review study, at first Silybum Marianum and its therapeutic use, were searched in Iranian traditional medicine references. Then, its therapeutic effects were studied in databases, such as PubMed, Google scholar, and SID using terms, such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease, cancer, and skin ; then, the uses of this plant in new medicine and Iranian traditional medicine, were compared.   Results: In traditional medicine, Silybum marianum has been introduced as "Harshfe Barry" and uses for the treatment of liver, gallbladder, and skin diseases, swelling, and strengthening digestion; Today, in many studies, the effects of this plant have been studied, and properties, such as treatment of liver, kidney, and skin diseases, blood glucose control and lipid metabolism, strengthening the immune system and its anticancer effects have been proven.   Conclusion: The results of this study showed that some of the properties of Milk thistle, such as protection and the treatment of liver diseases, treatment of skin disorders, and anticancer effects that have been proven in recent studies are referred to in traditional medicine texts; therefore, it seems that traditional medicine combinations can be useful in modern medical interventions.