Maestro y Sociedad (2017-11-01)

Social commitment, a viable educational aspiration through work

  • Enrique Espinoza-Freire,
  • Eliana Campoverde-Macías

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 4
pp. 603 – 610


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The determination that the work establishes with the education is a principle of the pedagogy based on the social reproduction. However, because of conflictive situations, education has not been allowed to be effective, so this article aims to give an account of the educational system's shortcomings in the link with work, as well as methodological responses that can avoid mistakes in the theme. To achieve this, this research carries out the bibliographic analysis of the tendencies of the didactic orientation and its transcendence. The results reveal that there is a positioning on labor education as a dimension of the usefulness of the acquired knowledge, and its contribution to the field of knowledge, that everyday life is useful and critical, as well as expressive of qualitative practices; That the critical character tribute to the construction of a competition whose collective view makes the individual better inhabitant of its surroundings.