Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management (Jul 2020)

Laws and regulations governing the protection of copyright in cyberspace(Comparative Study on Global Documents, US Law, Canada, and Iran)

  • Safar Beigzadeh,
  • Behrooz Rasuli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35, no. 4
pp. 863 – 892


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Development of digital tools and emergence and expansion of cyberspace did not go down for a short time, but the growth of these tools and space was so large that it involved most people, institutions, and processes. In the virtual universe, a large volume of content is created daily in a variety of ways and is at the hands of users. One of the key challenges in such a space is to protect the copyright and prevent it from violation. Although the protection of such a right in the physical space is not difficult, and the various rules and regulations guarantee this right, in cyberspace, due to its features, there are many challenges to the protection of copyright and notifies. However, the acceleration of the development and expansion of digital tools is also added to these difficulties and challenges. In this situation, countries have either tried independently or through ratification of regional and international treaties to protect copyright in this new space. The key goal of this article is to look at the arrangements made in the Universal Documents, the law of the United States, Canada, and Iran in this regard. In order to achieve this goal, legal documents related to this field have been gathered and, while expressing some challenging features of cyberspace in comparison with the real environment, have been explained about the way in which the relevant provisions are maintained.