Развитие образования (Mar 2022)

Socio-Dispatching Activity of the School Psychological and Pedagogical Concilium Specialists in the Modern Conditions of the Development of an Inclusive Educational Process

  • Sergey V. Zinin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 34 – 40


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The state policy in the field of education poses new practical tasks, in particular, to learn how to include students with conditions that differ from the norm of health in an inclusive educational space, preserving and strengthening their health. The socio-dispatching activity of the school concilium is considered in the article as a key mechanism that ensures a decent quality of life for schoolchildren in the conditions of a protective clinical and pedagogical regime and an individual educational route. It has been practically established that teaching staff can competently navigate medical issues, take into account the special educational needs of students. Research methods. 68 referrals of students to medical specialists subscribed by the school concilium of the Moscow State Educational Institution «Secondary School No. 25 of Nizhneudinsk», whose professional work was seen to be of high importance for the educational process, were studied. The conducted research allowed us to draw the following conclusions: the effectiveness of providing social and pedagogical assistance from the school concilium specialists can reach 89.7% success rate and contribute to the formulation of new diagnoses, clarification or modification of previously given medical recommendations to students; 94.1% of constructive appeals to the health care system can subsequently have a qualitative impact on the special conditions of teaching schoolchildren. The analysis of social dispatching activities is carried out, problematic issues are raised, possible solutions are outlined. Therefore, the results of the study may be of interest to medical specialists; teachers working in the modern conditions of the implementation of Federal programs in the system of central and territorial PPCs, school conciliums, higher educational institutions; representatives of the legislature.