GMS Ophthalmology Cases (Sep 2021)

Unilateral simultaneous optic nerve and choroidal infiltration – unusual presentation of metastatic disease in breast carcinoma

  • Kumar, Poninder,
  • Kumar, Ashok,
  • Dubakka, Srujana,
  • Kaushik, Jaya,
  • Agrawal, Mohini

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11
p. Doc14


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Breast carcinoma metastasis can involve any ocular structures, but involvement of the optic nerve is extremely rare. Choroidal metastasis is usually multifocal as well as bilateral and occurs late. We report an unusual initial presentation of metastasis from breast cancer; unilateral infiltrative optic neuropathy with concurrent choroid metastatic deposits in an adequately treated middle-aged female. Our present case, wherein for the first time in the literature, we illustrated unilateral infiltrative optic neuropathy and choroidal metastatic deposits secondary to breast carcinoma, will increase our knowledge about the various potential ocular presentations of this relatively common malignant disease.