Mathematical Problems in Engineering (Jan 2021)

Casing Collapse Strength Analysis under Nonuniform Loading Using Experimental and Numerical Approach

  • Dongfeng Li,
  • Fu Yu,
  • Heng Fan,
  • Rui Wang,
  • Shangyu Yang,
  • Xiangzhen Yan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021


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Multistage fracturing is the main means of shale gas development, and casing deformation frequently occurs during fracturing of shale gas horizontal wells. Fracturing fluid entering the formation will change in situ stress nearby the wellbore. The changes of in situ stress are mainly reflected in the following two aspects: one is the increase of in situ stress and the other is the nonuniformity of in situ stress along the wellbore. And it is for this reason that the production casing is more likely to collapse under the nonuniform in situ stress load. According to the service conditions of production casing in shale gas reservoir, this paper studied the casing deformation and the collapsing strength subjected to the nonuniform loading by the experimental and numerical simulation method. The results show that under the condition of nonuniform loading, (1) the diameter variation rate of the casing reduces with the increase in the ratio of sample to tooling length. When the ratio is less than 3, the casing collapse strength will be significantly reduced. And when the ratio is greater than 6, the impact of sample length on casing collapse strength can be ignored. (2) The increase in the applied loading angle will decrease the diameter variation rate. When the loading angle increases from 0° to 90°, the critical load value increases from 1600 kN to 4000 kN. (3) The increase in load unevenness coefficient will rapidly decrease the casing collapse strength. When the load unevenness coefficient n is 0.8, the casing collapse strength reduces to 60%, and when the load unevenness coefficient n is 0, the casing collapse strength reduces to 28%. The findings of this study can help for better understanding of casing damage mechanism in volume fracturing of shale gas horizontal well and guide the selection of multistage fracturing casing type and fracturing interval design.