Zbornik Radova Filozofskog Fakulteta u Prištini (Jan 2013)

Digital divide in Serbia from demographic perspective

  • Milovanović Slavoljub M.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2013, no. 43-2
pp. 301 – 319


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Digital divide is a term that defines differences and inequality between various groups of population considering opportunities and abilities for access and use of information and communication technologies (ICT), particularly the Internet. Digital divide can be viewed from regional and global aspect, so there are significant differences between regions in a country and between countries, considering the use of ICT. On the global level, there are the countries where a great part of the population has access to ICT and countries where that is not the case. Serbia as a country that is in transition period belongs to the second group of countries. In addition, digital divide exists on a country level, because in south-east region of Serbia relatively small number of people has access to ICT comparing to the other regions. The paper just treats problem of digital divide on the example of Republic of Serbia, with specific view to demographic aspect of the problem.